Terms of Sale & Pricing Options
General Terms & Conditions for Sale of Marine Fuels.

For catering to various needs of customers especially in high volatile bunker price market, Sea Crown DMCC is committed to offer their customers various pricing and hedging options viz.:

Term contracts

  • Prices based on Platt’s quotes
  • Prices basis Bunker Wire quotes
  • Spot prices
  • Fixed price
  • Prices basis periodic average of Platt’s and/or BW quotes

In addition to the physical supplies at Iraqi Ports we are engaged into bunker trading and broking for all India, Sri Lanka & Middle Eastern Ports. Due to our strong team and vast experience in we have special arrangements with all the suppliers and can provide our customer an educated advice on market trends, operational bottlenecks, and problem resolution. We will serve our customers with the most competitive rates, taking into consideration the quantity / quality, timely and trouble-free deliveries.

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